Keeping your Accounts.dat file safe

Feb 23, 2012 at 5:16 AM


Use DropBox, Carbonite, Amazon, Office365, or other such cloud services.  The file is encrypted locally by the program itself, and most services encrypt the file anyways before it goes up to their servers.  In fact, if you put all three files (the dll, the exe, and the dat file) into the cloud, then you can get to your e-mail so long as you remember your [insert cloud service] password AND your GAC password (which are different, riiiiight??!).  This way, aside from the 10 emergency codes that Google gives you (you wrote those down somewhere, riiiight?!?), you can still get to your mail in most disastrous situation.

I say most... you still need a Windows Vista/7/XP box with internet and .NET 4.0, of course.


I've found that using removable media with the Accounts.dat file to be a BAD move, it gets corrupted way too easily.  Maybe I need to put more file-buffer-flushing routines in my code, but just don't put that file on a flash drive for now.

Aug 20, 2013 at 5:25 AM
The same holds true for Accounts.XML file, and USB Drives are still bad... haven't figured out how to prevent corruption of the files.

Backups of your account data are easier now, the new version directly can export the accounts to a new (and still encrypted) XML file anywhere there is a drive letter. It can import that file too! Or your Accounts.dat file from the previous version! : )